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Edit Date Name Status Comment
2016-07-26Diseo y Programacin Alejandro Falappa SQL InjectionPublishedAdd a comment
2016-07-26Neoscreen 4.5 Blind SQL InjectionPublishedAdd a comment
2016-07-26Neoscreen 4.5 Cross Site ScriptingPublishedAdd a comment
2016-07-26WordPress Contact Form To Email 1.1.47 Cross Site ScriptingPublishedAdd a comment
2016-07-26Micro Focus Filr CSRF / XSS / Code ExecutionPublishedAdd a comment
2016-07-26WordPress Code Snippets 2.6.1 Cross Site ScriptingPublishedAdd a comment
2016-07-26Joomla Huge IT Gallery 1.1.5 Cross Site Scripting / SQL InjectionPublishedAdd a comment
2016-07-26Bellini/Supercook Wi-Fi Yumi SC200 Information Disclosure / Code ExecutionPublishedAdd a comment
2016-07-26PHP File Vault 0.9 Directory Traversal / File ReadPublishedAdd a comment
2016-07-26PHP gettext 1.0.12 Code ExecutionPublishedAdd a comment
2016-07-25MediaCoder - .m3u SEH ExploitPublishedAdd a comment
2016-07-25Drupal CODER Module 2.5 - Remote Command ExecutionPublishedAdd a comment
2016-07-25CoolPlayer+ Portable build 2.19.6 - .m3u Stack Overflow [Egghunter+ASLR bypass]PublishedAdd a comment
2016-07-25Joomla com_showdown SQL injection VulnerabilityPublishedAdd a comment
2016-07-24PHP 5.5.37 php_url_parse_ex buffer overflow readPublishedAdd a comment
2016-07-23Barracuda Spam And Virus Firewall Remote RootPublishedAdd a comment
2016-07-23NetBSD mail.local8 Local RootPublishedAdd a comment
2016-07-23Barracuda Web App Firewall / Load Balancer Remote RootPublishedAdd a comment
2016-07-22Rapid7 AppSpider 6.12 Web Application Vulnerability Scanner Elevation Of PrivilegePublishedAdd a comment
2016-07-22TeamPass Passwords Management System 2.1.26 Arbitrary File DownloadPublishedAdd a comment
2016-07-22Hitron CGNV4 Modem / Router CSRF / Session Management / Command InjectionPublishedAdd a comment
2016-07-22WordPress Paid Memberships Pro Cross Site ScriptingPublishedAdd a comment
2016-07-22WordPress WooCommerce 2.6.2 Cross Site ScriptingPublishedAdd a comment
2016-07-22Technicolor TC7200 Modem / Router Session Management / Fixed PasswordPublishedAdd a comment
2016-07-22Cisco EPC3925 UPC Modem / Router Default PassphrasePublishedAdd a comment
2016-07-22TFTP Server 1.4 WRQ Buffer OverflowPublishedAdd a comment
2016-07-22Compal CH7465LG-LC Modem / Router Session Management / Command InjectionPublishedAdd a comment
2016-07-21PHP 7.0.8, 5.6.23 and 5.5.37 out-of-bounds write in bzreadPublishedAdd a comment
2016-07-21Drupal RESTWS Module 7.x - Remote PHP Code ExecutionPublishedAdd a comment
2016-07-20Apache HTTP Server 2.4.23 redirect an application's outbound HTTP trafficPublishedAdd a comment
2016-07-20WordPress Video Player 1.5.16 SQL InjectionPublishedAdd a comment
2016-07-20Wowza Streaming Engine 4.5.0 Remote Privilege Escalation ExploitPublishedAdd a comment
2016-07-20WordPress Ninja Forms 2.9.51 Cross Site ScriptingPublishedAdd a comment
2016-07-20WordPress Icegram 1.9.18 Cross Site Request ForgeryPublishedAdd a comment
2016-07-20PHP Planner 0.4 SQL InjectionPublishedAdd a comment
2016-07-20Objective Systems Inc. ASN1C For C/C++ Heap Memory CorruptionPublishedAdd a comment

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