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Edit Date Name Status Comment
2017-04-12Proxifier 2.18 Privilege Escalation / Code ExecutionPublishedAdd a comment
2017-04-12Microsoft Office OneNote 2007 DLL HijackingPublishedAdd a comment
2017-04-12Classified Portal Software 5.1 SQL InjectionPublishedAdd a comment
2017-04-12FAQ Script 3.1.3 SQL InjectionPublishedAdd a comment
2017-04-12Social Directory Script 2.0 SQL InjectionPublishedAdd a comment
2017-04-12MyBB < 1.8.11 Directory TraversalPublishedAdd a comment
2017-04-12S9y Serendipity Cross Site Request ForgeryPublishedAdd a comment
2017-04-12MyBB < 1.8.11 Cross Site ScriptingPublishedAdd a comment
2017-04-12Quest Privilege Manager 6.0.0 Arbitrary File WritePublishedAdd a comment
2017-04-12MATESO GmbH Password Safe And Repository 7.4.4 b2247 SQL InjectionPublishedAdd a comment
2017-04-12Adobe XML Injection File Content DisclosurePublishedAdd a comment
2017-04-11Hermosoft CMS Admin Page ByPassPublishedAdd a comment
2017-04-11Lcnt Team Shell Upload VulnerabilityPublishedAdd a comment
2017-04-11Brother Devices Web Auth Bypass / Change Password ExploitPublishedAdd a comment
2017-04-11Jobscript4Web 4.5 SQL InjectionPublishedAdd a comment
2017-04-11Apache Tomcat 8.x / 9.x Refactoring Information DisclosurePublishedAdd a comment
2017-04-10Moxa MX AOPC-Server v1.5 XML External EntityPublishedAdd a comment
2017-04-10Moxa MXview v2.8 Denial Of ServicePublishedAdd a comment
2017-04-10Moxa MXview v2.8 Remote Private Key DisclosurePublishedAdd a comment
2017-04-10WebKit HTMLFormElement Negative-Size MemmovePublishedAdd a comment
2017-04-10WebKit JSC::SymbolTableEntry::isWatchable Heap Buffer OverflowPublishedAdd a comment
2017-04-10WebKit Document::adoptNode Use-After-FreePublishedAdd a comment
2017-04-10WebKit constructJSReadableStreamDefaultReader Type ConfusionPublishedAdd a comment
2017-04-10WebKit ComposedTreeIterator::traverseNextInShadowTree Use-After-FreePublishedAdd a comment
2017-04-10WebKit JSC::B3::Procedure::resetReachability Use-After-FreePublishedAdd a comment
2017-04-10WebKit WebCore::toJS Use-After-FreePublishedAdd a comment
2017-04-10WebKit FormSubmission::create Use-After-FreePublishedAdd a comment
2017-04-10WebKit Synchronous Page Load UXSSPublishedAdd a comment
2017-04-10Apple WebKit disconnectSubframes UXSSPublishedAdd a comment
2017-04-10WebKit Focus Event UXSSPublishedAdd a comment
2017-04-10Wordpress webplayer Plugins SQL Injection VulnerabilityPublishedAdd a comment
2017-04-10Broadcom bcmdhd Memory CorruptionPublishedAdd a comment
2017-04-09Wordpress salient Themes SQL Injection VulnerabilityPublishedAdd a comment
2017-04-08Joomla com_winners - 'id' Parameter SQL InjectionPublishedAdd a comment
2017-04-08WordPress Gravity Forms Plugin Exploit and File UploadPublishedAdd a comment
2017-04-08A4Haber Portal Theme V2 Cross Site ScriptingPublishedAdd a comment
2017-04-08Scalar - Remote File Upload VulnerabilityPublishedAdd a comment

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