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Date Name Status Solution
2022-05-17OpenCart So Listing Tabs 2.2.0 Unsafe DeserializationPublishedFix it
2022-05-17T-Soft E-Commerce 4 SQL InjectionPublishedFix it
2022-05-17Cyclos 4.14.7 groupId DOM Based Cross-Site Scripting XSSPublishedFix it
2022-05-17WordPress Tatsu Builder Remote Code ExecutionPublishedFix it
2022-05-17Showdoc 2.10.3 Stored Cross-Site Scripting XSSPublishedFix it
2022-05-17MyBB 1.8.29 MyBB 1.8.29 Remote Code Execution RCE AuthenticatedPublishedFix it
2022-05-17T-Soft E-Commerce 4 Cross Site ScriptingPublishedFix it
2022-05-17Trojan-Ransom.Thanos / Code ExecutionPublishedFix it
2022-05-17SDT-CW3B1 1.1.0 Command InjectionPublishedFix it
2022-05-14Wondershare Dr.Fone 11.4.10 Insecure PermissionsPublishedFix it
2022-05-14SAP BusinessObjects Intelligence 4.3 XML InjectionPublishedFix it
2022-05-14Designed by OG Advertising - Sql Injection VulnerabilityPublishedFix it
2022-05-14Ransom.Conti / MVID-2022-0606 / Code ExecutionPublishedFix it
2022-05-14Ransom.Conti / MVID-2022-0605 / Code ExecutionPublishedFix it
2022-05-14Ransom.Conti / MVID-2022-0604 / Code ExecutionPublishedFix it
2022-05-14Ransom.Conti / MVID-2022-0603 / Code ExecutionPublishedFix it
2022-05-14Ransom.Conti / MVID-2022-0602 / Code ExecutionPublishedFix it
2022-05-14Ransom.Conti / MVID-2022-0601 / Code ExecutionPublishedFix it
2022-05-12Apache CouchDB 3.2.1 Remote Code Execution RCEPublishedFix it
2022-05-12Trojan-Ransom.Radamant / Code ExecutionPublishedFix it
2022-05-11ExifTool 12.23 Arbitrary Code ExecutionPublishedFix it
2022-05-11E107 CMS 3.2.1 Arbitrary File Upload / Cross Site ScriptingPublishedFix it
2022-05-11Bitrix24 Remtoe Code ExecutionPublishedFix it
2022-05-11Ruijie Reyee Mesh Router Remote Code ExecutionPublishedFix it
2022-05-11Cisco RV340 SSL VPN Unauthenticated Remote Code ExecutionPublishedFix it
2022-05-11WordPress Blue Admin 21.06.01 Cross Site Request ForgeryPublishedFix it
2022-05-10Infreshop - Cross-Site Scripting VulnerabilityPublishedFix it
2022-05-10Spring4Shell Spring Framework Class Property Remote Code ExecutionPublishedFix it
2022-05-09F5 BIG-IP Remote Code ExecutionPublishedFix it
2022-05-09APT28 FancyBear / Code ExecutionPublishedFix it
2022-05-09Zimbra - Request URL Override VulnerabilityPublishedFix it
2022-05-09Stisla - Open Redirect VulnerabilityPublishedFix it
2022-05-09Travel Management System 1.0 SQL InjectionPublishedFix it
2022-05-09School Dormitory Management 1.0 SQL InjectionPublishedFix it
2022-05-08SAP Web Dispatcher HTTP Request SmugglingPublishedFix it
2022-05-08Red Planet Laundry Management System 1.0 SQL InjectionPublishedFix it
2022-05-08PHProjekt PhpSimplyGest / MyProjects, 1.3.0 - Stored XSS Cross-Site ScriptingPublishedFix it
2022-05-08Ransom.CTBLocker / Code ExecutionPublishedFix it
2022-05-08REvil.Ransom / Code ExecutionPublishedFix it

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