Exploits found on the INTERNET

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Edit Date Name Status
2022-07-02WordPress Plugin Blue Admin 21.06.01 Cross-Site Request Forgery CSRFPublished
2022-06-28OpenCart v3.x So Filter Shop By - Blind SQL InjectionPublished
2022-06-28AnyDesk 7.0.9 Arbitrary File Write / Denial Of ServicePublished
2022-06-28Coffee Shop Cashiering System 1.0 SQL InjectionPublished
2022-06-28Mailhog 1.0.1 Stored Cross-Site Scripting XSSPublished
2022-06-28WSO2 Management Console Cross Site ScriptingPublished
2022-06-28Library Management System With QR Code 1.0 SQL InjectionPublished
2022-06-28SEO Nethizmet Admin NoRedirect BypassPublished
2022-06-26Yashma Ransomware Builder v1.2 / Insecure PermissionsPublished
2022-06-26Backdoor.Win32.Shark.btu / Insecure PermissionsPublished
2022-06-26Backdoor.Win32.InfecDoor.17.c / Insecure PermissionsPublished
2022-06-26Trojan-Mailfinder.Win32.VB.p / Insecure PermissionsPublished
2022-06-26Yashma Ransomware Builder 1.2 MVID-2022-0613 Insecure PermissionsPublished
2022-06-23Verbatim Executive Fingerprint Secure SSD GDMSFE01-INI3637-C VER1.1 Risky CryptoPublished
2022-06-23Verbatim Executive Fingerprint Secure SSD GDMSFE01-INI3637-C VER1.1 Insufficient VerificationPublished
2022-06-22SAP FRUN Simple Diagnostics Agent 1.0 Information DisclosurePublished
2022-06-22SAP Fiori Launchpad Cross Site ScriptingPublished
2022-06-22SAP FRUN 2.00 / 3.00 Cross Site ScriptingPublished
2022-06-22WordPress Download Manager 3.2.43 Cross Site ScriptingPublished
2022-06-22SIEMENS-SINEMA Remote Connect Cross Site ScriptingPublished
2022-06-22BLUEWATER MARIBAGO BEACH RESORT - SQL Injection VulnerabilityPublished
2022-06-22SAP FRUN Simple Diagnostics Agent 1.0 Directory TraversalPublished
2022-06-22SAP FRUN Simple Diagnostics Agent 1.0 Missing AuthenticationPublished
2022-06-20SolarView Compact 6.00 Cross Site ScriptingPublished
2022-06-20Nexans FTTO GigaSwitch Outdated Components / Hardcoded BackdoorPublished
2022-06-20Old Age Home Management System 1.0 SQL InjectionPublished
2022-06-20Verbatim Store N Go Secure Portable HDD GD25LK01-3637-C VER4.0 Behavior ViolationPublished
2022-06-20Pandora FMS 7.0NG.742 Remote Code ExecutionPublished
2022-06-20Verbatim Fingerprint Secure Portable Hard Drive Insufficient VerificationPublished
2022-06-20Verbatim Executive Fingerprint Secure SSD GDMSFE01-INI3637-C VER1.1 Missing TrustPublished
2022-06-20SoftGuard SNMP Network Management Extension HTML Injection / File DownloadPublished
2022-06-20WordPress Ninja Forms Code InjectionPublished
2022-06-20Gentics CMS 5.36.29 Cross Site Scripting / DeserializationPublished
2022-06-20Lepin EP-KP001 KP001_V19 Authentication BypassPublished
2022-06-20Chrome CVE-2022-1096 Incomplete FixPublished
2022-06-20Mitel 6800/6900 Series SIP Phones Backdoor AccessPublished
2022-06-20Infiray IRAY-A8Z3 1.0.957 Code Execution / Overflow / Hardcoded CredentialsPublished
2022-06-20Marval MSM Cross Site Request ForgeryPublished
2022-06-20Virtua Software Cobranca 12S SQL InjectionPublished

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