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Edit Date Name Status
2019-09-01Skabu Tverrbygda Espedalenil Steil.No SQL InjectionPublished
2019-09-01CertiSys Agricultural Service Provider in Belgium XSS SQL InjectionPublished
2019-09-01stergtlands Orienteringsfrbund Sweden XSS SQL InjectionPublished
2019-08-30GGPowerShell / Windows PowerShell Unsanitized RCE File ToolPublished
2019-08-30VX Search Enterprise 10.4.16 User-Agent Denial of ServicePublished
2019-08-30Wordpress Gallery Objects Version 0.4 SQL Injection vulnerabilityPublished
2019-08-30Joomla 2.5.28 Com_JomEstate Real Estate Components 4.1 SQL InjectionPublished
2019-08-29X-Cart DesignHouse MonarchDigitalMedia MagicAngel SQL InjectionPublished
2019-08-29Joomla 1.0.15 Easy GuestBook Com_EasyGB Components 1.0 SQL InjectionPublished
2019-08-29Mockup Studio Agencia Digital Mexico XSS SQL InjectionPublished
2019-08-29AsilNet Web Design SQL InjectionPublished
2019-08-29Cisco UCS / IMC Supervisor Authentication Bypass / Command InjectionPublished
2019-08-29Outlook Password Recovery 2.10 Denial Of ServicePublished
2019-08-28Django CRM 0.2.1 Cross Site Request ForgeryPublished
2019-08-28OpenITCOCKPIT 3.6.1-2 Cross-Site Request ForgeryPublished
2019-08-28RAR Password Recovery 1.80 User Name and Registration Code Denial of ServicePublished
2019-08-28Jobberbase 2.0 CMS jobs-in SQL InjectionPublished
2019-08-28Adobe Acrobat CoolType AFDKO Call from Uninitialized Memory due to Empty FDArray in Type 1 FontsPublished
2019-08-27Exim 4.87 / 4.91 Local Privilege Escalation MetasploitPublished
2019-08-27Apache Tapestry 5.3.6 HMAC Timing AttackPublished
2019-08-27ProGrade/Lierda Grill Temperature 1.00_50006 Hardcoded CredentialsPublished
2019-08-27Realtek Managed Switch Controller RTL83xx Stack OverflowPublished
2019-08-27LSoft ListServ Cross Site ScriptingPublished
2019-08-27Trend Maximum Security 2019 Unquoted Search PathPublished
2019-08-27Transparency International Malaysia Database Password DisclosurePublished
2019-08-26 All Rights Are Reserved Designed By Keywe Solution Bypass AuthenticationPublished
2019-08-26Plexo Torresoft Alex Torres Software 2.0 XSS SQL InjectionPublished
2019-08-25Mambo Miro International Infoerbe XSS SQL InjectionPublished
2019-08-25PSPCommunication Caldaie D'Alessandro Com_Comnetwork XSS SQL InjectionPublished
2019-08-25D-Link DIR-600M Authentication Bypass MetasploitPublished
2019-08-25VBulletin Reflected XSS via Click herePublished
2019-08-25Nova Systems Software Logistica GhidoProduction SQL InjectionPublished
2019-08-25Webmin 1.920 password_change.cgi BackdoorPublished
2019-08-25Joomla 1.5.26 Com_AlphaContent Components 3.x SQL InjectionPublished
2019-08-25Joomla 1.5.26 Com_EstateAgent Components 3.x SQL InjectionPublished
2019-08-25Joomla 1.5.26 Com_OrgChart Components 1.0.0 XSS SQL InjectionPublished

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