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Edit Date Name Status
2019-08-25Joomla 1.5.26 Com_FireBoard Components 1.1.3 SQL InjectionPublished
2019-08-25Sercop Via dei Cornaggia XSS SQL InjectionPublished
2019-08-23Realschule Niederpleis Sankt Augustin SQL InjectionPublished
2019-08-23Phenodata University of Southampton High Energy Physics Database SQL InjectionPublished
2019-08-23Endian Firewall 3.3.0 Cross Site ScriptingPublished
2019-08-23Snapforce CRM 8.3.0 Cross Site ScriptingPublished
2019-08-23Nimble Streamer 3.0.2-2 < 3.5.4-9 Directory TraversalPublished
2019-08-22PhpPgAdmin-5.1 file enumeration && XSSPublished
2019-08-22MDMarine Insurance Agent Orillia Canada XSS SQL InjectionPublished
2019-08-22Desarrollado por eMasters Constultores Internet Technology XSS SQL InjectionPublished
2019-08-22Burlington Soccer League XSS SQL InjectionPublished
2019-08-22Universite de Moncton Edmunston Shippagan Canada SQL InjectionPublished
2019-08-22Optronics Fibra Optica eCommerce Mexico XSS SQL InjectionPublished
2019-08-22Zoho Corporation ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus Information DisclosurePublished
2019-08-22Produzione Izdelava MMvisual SQL InjectionPublished
2019-08-22DomusMondo AgestaNet BeniaStudio Domini e Web Hosting XSS SQL InjectionPublished
2019-08-22OpenPGP.js 4.2.0 Signature Bypass / Invalid Curve AttackPublished
2019-08-22OneSource Consultoria Informatica Coimbra Portugal XSS SQL InjectionPublished
2019-08-22Acquario di Cala Gonone L'Acquario della Sardegna Italia SQL InjectionPublished
2019-08-22Weingut Oskar und Doris Bastian Brauneberg Germany XSS SQL InjectionPublished
2019-08-22Wikindx 5.8.2 Virtual Research Environment Library Manager SQL InjectionPublished
2019-08-21Systeme De Gestion Du Site CMS Realise Par ANG-Web SQL InjectionPublished
2019-08-21Fragolan Linking People D-Gen CMS SQL InjectionPublished
2019-08-21LibreOffice Macro Python Code ExecutionPublished
2019-08-21Microsoft Office365 / ProPlus 16.0.11901.20204 Code Execution / Protection BypassPublished
2019-08-21Pulse Secure 8.1R15.1/8.2/8.3/9.0 SSL VPN - Arbitrary File Disclosure metasploitPublished
2019-08-21Designed by RaphSoft Sql Injection VulnerabilityPublished
2019-08-21CentOS Control Web Panel CWP Arbitrary Database DropPublished
2019-08-20RAR Password Recovery 1.80 Denial Of ServicePublished
2019-08-20Italian Institute for Genomic Medicine IIGM SQL InjectionPublished
2019-08-20National Aeronautics and Space Administration Robotics Alliance Project Reflected XSS Cross Site ScrPublished
2019-08-20YouPHPTube 7.2 userCreate.json.php SQL InjectionPublished
2019-08-20WordPress Add Mime Types Plugin 2.2.1 Cross-Site Request ForgeryPublished

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