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Edit Date Name Status
2019-08-12Mitel 6869i Voip Deskphone 4.2.2032 Command InjectionPublished
2019-08-12Sistema Vitapromin Nuticion Inteligente Improper Authentication File Upload VulnerabilityPublished
2019-08-12Powered By Vlaevski Site Administration 1.0 Improper Authentication File Upload VulnerabilityPublished
2019-08-12UNA 10.0.0 RC1 Cross Site ScriptingPublished
2019-08-12Joomla JS Jobs 1.2.5 SQL InjectionPublished
2019-08-09Microsoft Windows 7 build 7601 x86 Local Privilege EscalationPublished
2019-08-09Google Chrome 74.0.3729.0 / 76.0.3789.0 Heap Use-After-Free in blink::PresentationAvailabilityState:Published
2019-08-09MacOS / iOS NSKeyedUnarchiver Use-After-Free of ObjC Objects when Unarchiving OITSUIntDictionary InsPublished
2019-08-09MacOS / iOS JavaScriptCore Loop-Invariant Code Motion LICM Leaves Object Property Access UnguardedPublished
2019-08-09ARMBot Botnet Arbitrary Code ExecutionPublished
2019-08-09Avira Free Security Suite 2019 Software Updater Improper Access ControlPublished
2019-08-09ATutor 2.2.4 Arbitrary File Upload / Command ExecutionPublished
2019-08-09Active PHP Bookmarks 1.3 SQL InjectionPublished
2019-08-09Joomla JS Support Ticket 1.1.5 Arbitrary File DownloadPublished
2019-08-09Opencart Insecure OCMod Generation Remote Command ExecutionPublished
2019-08-09Netrox SC Live Chat Software for websites Reflected XSS InjectionPublished
2019-08-09College Notes Management System 1.0 Cross Site Request ForgeryPublished
2019-08-09Apache Tika 1.17 Header Command InjectionPublished
2019-08-091CRM On-Premise Software 8.5.7 Cross Site ScriptingPublished
2019-08-09Sar2HTML 3.2.1 Remote Command ExecutionPublished
2019-08-09Rest Cafe And Restaurant Website CMS SQL InjectionPublished
2019-08-09Microsoft Windows PowerShell Unsanitized Filename Command ExecutionPublished
2019-08-09Ultimate Loan Manager 2.0 Cross Site ScriptingPublished
2019-08-09Powered by mediatoonz. Admin Panel BypassPublished
2019-08-09Daily Expense Manager 1.0 Cross Site Request ForgeryPublished
2019-08-09Aptana Jaxer Local File InclusionPublished
2019-08-09Adive Framework 2.0.7 Cross Site Request ForgeryPublished
2019-08-09Joomla JS Support Ticket 1.1.5 SQL InjectionPublished
2019-08-09Baldr Botnet Panel Shell UploadPublished
2019-08-09Open-School 3.0 / Community Edition 2.3 Cross Site ScriptingPublished
2019-08-09Joomla Component JS Support Ticket component com_jssupportticket 1.1.5 SQL InjectionPublished
2019-08-01Cisco Catalyst 3850 Series Device Manager Cross-Site Request ForgeryPublished
2019-08-01Linux Kernel 4.15.x < 4.19.2 map_write CAP_SYS_ADMIN Local Privilege Escalation dbus MethodPublished
2019-08-01D-Link 6600-AP XSS / DoS / Information DisclosurePublished

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