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Edit Date Name Status
2021-07-27Better Proposals: Online Proposal Software SQL InjectionPublished
2021-07-27WordPress Plugin Mimetic Books 0.2.13 Default Publisher ID field Stored Cross-Site Scripting XSSPublished
2021-07-27WordPress SP Project And Document Remote Code ExecutionPublished
2021-07-27Leawo Prof. Media Denial Of ServicePublished
2021-07-26Microsoft Exchange 2019 Unauthenticated Email DownloadPublished
2021-07-26Tagstoo 2.0.1 Cross Site Scripting / Code ExecutionPublished
2021-07-26TROJAN-DROPPER.WIN32.AGENT.XTP / Insecure PermissionsPublished
2021-07-26XOS Shop 1.0.9 Arbitrary File DeletionPublished
2021-07-26Zabbix 5.x SQL Injection / Cross Site ScriptingPublished
2021-07-24Persistsolution - Sql Injection VulnerabilityPublished
2021-07-24Hamayeshnegar CMS 10.0.5 - Authentication BypassPublished
2021-07-23Design & Developed By Sial Web - Html InjectionPublished
2021-07-23Linux Kernel 2.6.19 < 5.9 Netfilter Local Privilege EscalationPublished
2021-07-23Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019 Remote Code Execution 2Published
2021-07-23WordPress Simple Post 1.1 Cross Site ScriptingPublished
2021-07-22Design & Developed By Nice Techno - SqliPublished
2021-07-21WordPress KN Fix Your Title 1.0.1 Cross Site ScriptingPublished
2021-07-21Bluetooth Low Energy BLE USB Dongle SQL InjectionPublished
2021-07-21KevinLAB BEMS 1.0 Undocumented Backdoor AccountPublished
2021-07-21KevinLAB BEMS 1.0 Authenticated File Path Traversal / Information DisclosurePublished
2021-07-21KevinLAB BEMS 1.0 Unauthenticated SQL Injection / Authentication BypassPublished
2021-07-21Dell OpenManage Enterprise Hardcoded Credentails / Privilege Escalation / DeserializationPublished
2021-07-21Sage X3 Administration Service Authentication Bypass / Command ExecutionPublished
2021-07-19Backdoor.Win32.Agent.bjev / Insecure PermissionsPublished
2021-07-19Trojan-Spy.Win32.SpyEyes.abdb / Insecure PermissionsPublished
2021-07-19Sputnik News Russian government has XSS vulnerabilitiesPublished
2021-07-19Trojan-Spy.Win32.SpyEyes.hqd / Insecure PermissionsPublished
2021-07-19HEUR.Backdoor.Win32.Winnti.gen / Insecure PermissionsPublished
2021-07-19Backdoor.Win32.IRCBot.gen / Weak Hardcoded PasswordPublished
2021-07-19Backdoor.Win32.IRCBot.gen / Unauthenticated Remote Command ExecutionPublished
2021-07-19Dolibarr ERP/CRM 10.0.6 Login Brute ForcerPublished
2021-07-19WordPress Mimetic Books 0.2.13 Cross Site ScriptingPublished

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