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Edit Date Name Status
2021-01-19Inteno IOPSYS 3.16.4 Root Filesystem AccessPublished
2021-01-17Aplikasi Kartu Pelajar Vulnerability arbitrary file upload with CSRFindonesian schoolPublished
2021-01-16Adobe connect 10 Local File Disclosure / DownloadPublished
2021-01-16Backdoor.Win32.Nucleroot.bi - MaskPE 2.0 / File Based Buffer OverflowPublished
2021-01-16Backdoor.Win32.Nucleroot.t - MaskPE 1.6 / File Based Buffer OverflowPublished
2021-01-14FlatCore CMS XSS / File Disclosure / SQL InjectionPublished
2021-01-14Apache Flink 1.11.0 Unauthenticated Arbitrary File Read MetasploitPublished
2021-01-13Cloud Filter Arbitrary File Creation / Privilege EscalationPublished
2021-01-10Aplikasi E - S A K I P v1.1 Indonesian Goverment File Manager File UploadPublished
2021-01-10WordPress Plugin Autoptimize 2.7.6 Authenticated Arbitrary File Upload MetasploitPublished
2021-01-08IBall-Baton WRA150N File DisclosurePublished
2021-01-08Apache Flink 1.11.0 Arbitrary File Read / Directory TraversalPublished
2021-01-06WordPress Plugin W3 Total Cache Unauthenticated Arbitrary File Read MetasploitPublished
2021-01-054images v1.7.11 Profile Image Stored Cross-Site ScriptingPublished
2021-01-04Rock RMS File Upload / Account Takeover / Information DisclosurePublished
2021-01-03WordPress Duplicator 1.3.26 Directory Traversal / File ReadPublished
2020-12-30Cassandra Web 0.5.0 Remote File ReadPublished
2020-12-28WordPress Plugin Adning Advertising 1.5.5 - Arbitrary File UploadPublished
2020-12-23WordPress Plugin W3 Total Cache - Unauthenticated Arbitrary File Read MetasploitPublished
2020-12-18Wordpress Plugin Duplicator 1.3.26 Unauthenticated Arbitrary File Read MetasploitPublished
2020-12-16Seacms 11.1 file Local File InclusionPublished
2020-12-15Advanced Form builder File Upload Image Cropper Take Photo System unrestricted file upload VulnerabiPublished
2020-12-15Task Management System 1.0 Local File InclusionPublished
2020-12-11Cdrpsb cms Arbitrary File DownloadPublished
2020-12-10FlexDotnetCMS 1.5.8 Arbitrary ASP File UploadPublished
2020-12-10IdeKode Local File Inclusion ExploiterPublished
2020-12-10GitLab File Read Remote Code ExecutionPublished
2020-12-09Google Groups - Public File Disclosure Sensitive InfoPublished
2020-12-09Krakow Airport Hotel CMS Arbitrary File DownloadPublished
2020-12-04Sony BRAVIA Digital Signage 1.7.8 Unauthenticated Remote File InclusionPublished
2020-12-01Rejetto HttpFileServer 2.3.x Remote Command ExecutionPublished
2020-11-26Razer Chroma SDK Server 3.16.02 Race Condition Remote File ExecutionPublished
2020-11-25WordPress Simple File List Unauthenticated Remote Code ExecutionPublished
2020-11-23TestBox CFML Test Framework 4.1.0 Arbitrary File Write and Remote Code ExecutionPublished
2020-11-22WordPress Fancy Product Designer For WooCommerce 4.5.1 File UploadPublished
2020-11-22PDW File Browser 1.3 - Remote Code ExecutionPublished
2020-11-21Apache Tomcat AJP Ghostcat File Read/Inclusion MetasploitPublished
2020-11-21TestBox CFML Test Framework 4.1.0 Arbitrary File Write / Code ExecutionPublished

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