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Our sensors found this exploit at:

Below is a copy:

Adobe Reader/Acrobat Remote PDF Print Silently Vulnerability

by cocoruder(frankruder (at) hotmail (dot) com [email concealed])


A design error vulnerability exists in Adobe Reader and Adobe
Acrobat Professional. A remote attacker who successfully exploit this
vulnerability can control the printer without user's permission.

Affected Software Versions:

Adobe Reader 8.1.1 and earlier versions
    Adobe Acrobat Professional, 3D and Standard 8.1.1 and earlier versions


Currently there is no details released because the final patch is
not available, more informations will be updated soon.


Adobe has released an advisory for this vulnerability and a patch
for Adobe Reader which are available on:

Fortinet advisory can be found at:

CVE Information:

To be updated

Disclosure Timeline:

2007.11.01        Vendor notified
    2007.11.02        Vendor responded
    2008.02.07        Initial coordinated disclosure


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