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Our sensors found this exploit at:

Below is a copy:

Information: The IP-Tracking Mod is a Extension for phpBB2.0.x which 
logs all Page hits the user of the Boards do including Referer, IP and 
Username. It contains a SQL-Injection on Admin-Level. You can get it 

Steps to reproduce: Go into your ACP, select under IP-Tracking 
IP-Search, select "no" at use wildcards and enter in Search Query what 
you want. It is direct passed through the Query. As Search Type I used IP.

PoC: enter
' UNION SELECT user_password as 
ip,user_id,username,user_active,user_regdate,user_level,user_posts from 
as Search-Query. This will display you all the hashed Userpasswords in IP

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