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Our sensors found this exploit at:

Below is a copy:

Hello all,

Today i discovered a pseudo backdoor [thru a default password] while trying to
reset the password on a Planet Technology Corp FGSW2402RS switch.

Allthough i dont consider this to be a real problem since the only access seems
to be thru the serial port, i would like to share this with the community since
it isnt documented *anywhere* and Planet Technology Corp doesnt even reply to
emails asking for support on their products.

So...we start with a common ASCII analisys of the firmware [revision 1.2]:
[email protected] ~/planet# strings FGSW-2402RS_ISP_1.2.txt
[email protected] ~/planet#

Admin is the obvious login and ISPMODE is the password used for uploading a new
firmware to the equipment.

If we connect to the equipment and send admin as the login and "[^_^]" as the
password we get the same login prompt again (as if the password had failed) and
the password has now been reset to "".

Best regards,
| Lus Miguel Silva
| Security Consultant
| Centro de Informtica Correia Arajo
| Faculdade de Engenharia da
| Universidade do Porto

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