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Apple iOS 7 iPad2 Face-Time 1.0.2 - Privacy Vulnerability





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The Vulnerability Laboratory Research Team discovered a privacy issue in the official Apple iOS v7.0 iPad device with 

2013-09-25:     Public Disclosure (Vulnerability Laboratory)




A privacy (photo) issue is detected in the official apple iOS 7.0 (11A465) Face-Time application of the iPad device.
The vulnerability allows to review photos of a running camera session in the facetime app process without standard 

The issue is deteced in the as default installed face-time application. Regular apple applications do not allow 
(privacy reason) to use the new process slide to capture images. The new face-time applicaton has not recognized in its configuration 
the sidebar login application. When processing to open face-time without an connected account the half of the display captures 
uncensored the content. We watch in the camera and stop the process via home button, the image of the new iOS 7.0 slide will be 
shown black. Now we do the same and use in the same moment we process the home button also the power button. We login again and open 
the running tasks and the image of the login screen will be visible uncensored. The bug is a privacy vulnerability and can lead to 
unauthorized review of images without account. The face-time application is visible by standard in the lock screen mode were a pass 
code verification is not required.

Note: the bug is only in ipad version exploitable. The screen with the iphone, mini ipad does not have the large device 
size to 
show more then the bar. The same problem with the regular camera application censors the images when you are watching a 
images as slide.

OS:                iOS v7.0
Device:        iPad2 (large)
Face-Time: 1.0.2

Proof of Concept:
The privacy issue can be reproduced by local privileged device user accounts and without user interaction. For 
demonstration or reproduce ...

Information: New active process listing with slide images of the app or service

Apple changed the App Switching/App Closing mechanism up a bit with iOS 7. It used to be that to close an app, 
you’d double tap the home button, wait for the app drawer to slide out, then press and hold on an icon until 
the little “X” appeared.

Manual steps to reproduce ...

1.  Login to your ipad after the firmware upgrade to iOs 7.0
2.  Open the camera application and only direct the scope to you and click the home button
3.  Go to the active process by holding the home button and you see the censored image you took
4.  Now, we open the face-time application. Installed by default after the update
5.  We see only with the ipad in the right bar a large window with the half of the visible camera
6.  Show your face and press the home button one time
7.  You go redirected to the main home menu again, were you press 2 sec the home button to get the active process & 
picture slides
8.  You see the image is also censored because it fully black
9.  Now, we open the software again, show our face inside and click the home button fast twice with the shutdown button
10. Open the active process with the picture slides by a double click and you are able to review the image uncensored

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