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Skype On Debian Microsoft Apt Repo Addition
Level: Critical


  The Skype debian packege for Skype (even when not installed via their
  offical repo) automatically installs apt configuration that adds
  Microsoft's apt repo to the system's package sources.

  That way, Microsoft (or anybody holding their repo's private key)
  can easily inject malicious packages via regular update and replace
  distro packages w/ their own manipulated ones.

Suggested vendor solution:

  Remove all apt configuration stuff from the .deb.

Operator's workaround:

  a) remove Skype's apt config (sources.list entry as well as the
     Microsoft apt key) immediately after installation
  b) unpack and repackage it manually (w/o that apt config) before
     installation on production machines
  c) use apt pinning to restrict the Microsoft repo to only the
     package 'skypeforlinux'
  c) only install it in a strictly confined container


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