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Zero Inventory Management System v1.0 Stored XSS Injection
* ::- Title: Zero Inventory Management System v1.0 Stored XSS Injection
* ::- Author: m0ze
* ::- Date: 2019/06/10
* ::- Software: Zero Inventory Management System v1.0
::- Details & Description -::
~ Weak security measures like no input fields data filtering has been discovered in the Zero Inventory Management System. Current version of this web-application is 1.0.

::- Demo Website -::
~ Backend:
~ Login & Password: doesn't matter, pick any credentials on the backend login page

::- Special Note -::
~ Declared options of this item with price $50 is: Highly Security provided and Injection protected.

::- PoC Links -::

::- PoC [Stored XSS Injection] -::
~ Go to the demo website and log in with provided credentials. Then go to any page you want and add a new data or edit the existed. There is no input data filtering at all, so use any payload you want.
~ You can edit the users profile also, just delete the disabled attribute for any input field or text area and then save your changes.
~ Example #1: <span onmouseover="alert('m0ze')" style="font-size:88px;color:#ff003b;">m0ze</span>
~ Example #2: <img src="x" onerror="alert('m0ze');window.location='';">

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