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Yoncu Domain Take Over Method ( NameServer Take Over )
Method Title : Yoncu Domain Take Over Method ( NameServer Take Over )
Exploit Risk : 8/10
Exploit Description : Thanks to this method, you will be able to take over the hosting over time and hack the sites.
Author : Gaddar ~ Turkish Vulnerability Researcher and Bug Bounty Finder
Google Dork : intext:"Bu Alan Ad Ync Biliim zmleri Tarafndan Salanmtr"
Google Dork 2 : intitle: "Site Yapm Aamasndadr"
* * * Yer6Sec.ORG ***
Tutorials ;
 - Search dork on a web browser.
 - Control targets.
 - Yoncu nameservers give this error. (Site Yapm Aamasndadr)
 - Go
 - Register and Login
 - Add free 5 days hosting for hack the targets.
 - Register the target website names for hosting.
 - And control the websites :)
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