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Sokrates SOWA SowaSQL Cross Site Scripting

# Title: SOWA.OPAC Reflected Cross Site Scripting
# Vulnerability
Type: Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
# Attack Type: Account Hijacking,
Credential Theft, Data Leakage
# Author: Marek Holka
# Date:
# Vendor: SOKRATES-software
# Software Link:
# Version: SOWA.OPAC all versions
up to 5.6.2
# CVE: CVE-2020-28350
# Description: A Cross Site Scripting
(XSS) vulnerability exists in Sokrates SOWA
SowaSQL via the sowacgi.php
"typ" parameter which means that this parameter did not sanitize HTML
characters. The module
SOWA.WWW was fixed in 4.8.16, whereas the module
SOWA.OPAC was fixed
in 5.6.2.
# Attack Vectors: To use this
vulnerability victim needs to open crafted URL which inject a Javascript
code to url parameter
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