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PHP Hazir Haber Sitesi Scripti 3 SQL Injection
                                     C r a C k E r                                    
                 T H E   C R A C K   O F   E T E R N A L   M I G H T                  

               From The Ashes and Dust Rises An Unimaginable crack....          

                                  [ Vulnerability ]                                   

:  Author   : CraCkEr                                                                    :
  Website  :                                                                
  Vendor   : Jettweb                                                                    
  Software : PHP Hazr Haber Sitesi Scripti V3 - PHP Instant News Site (HaberScript03)  
  Vuln Type: SQL Injection                                                              
  Impact   : Database Access                                                            


:                                                                                        :
 Release Notes:                                                                         
 SQL injection attacks can allow unauthorized access to sensitive data, modification of 
 data and crash the application or make it unavailable, leading to lost revenue and     
 damage to a company's reputation.                                                      



    The_PitBull, Raz0r, iNs, SadsouL, His0k4, Hussin X, Mr. SQL   
CryptoJob (Twitter)

                                     CraCkEr 2023                                    

Path: /fonksiyonlar.php

POST parameter 'haberid' is vulnerable to SQLI[SQL-Inject-HERE]

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