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Horde Application Framework v3.3.8 and lower are subject to a cross site
scripting (XSS) vulnerability.

The icon_browser.php script fails to properly sanitize user supplied
input to the 'subdir' URL parameter before printing it out as part of a
HTML formatted error message.

The following URL can be used as a proof of concept:

    [path_to_horde]/util/icon_browser.php?subdir=<body onload="alert('XSS')">&app=horde

Prior authentication is not required for exploitation.

This vulnerability was reported to the Horde Project on 19.05.2010 and
fixed by Michael M. Slusarz in the frameworks' GIT repository within a week:

Hoping to see an upcoming fixed release (which did not take place)
I have delayed publication - admittedly too much.

Credits for this discovery:

Moritz Naumann
Naumann IT Security Consulting, Berlin, Germany


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